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What is the Wild Kiger Brand?

 Wild Kiger Designs takes its’ name from the Kiger herd of wild mustangs found in Eastern Oregon. DNA testing has shown that Kiger mustangs are descended from Spanish horses brought to North America in the 17th century, a bloodline thought to have largely disappeared from mustang herds before the Kiger herd was discovered in 1977. 

​     Forged through over 500 years of thriving in the rugged landscapes and harsh elements of the American West, the Unbreakable spirit of the Kiger Mustang lives on and inspires us today.

​       The Wild Kiger brand was made for those who, against all odds, don’t give up. For those who make their own way. For those willing to struggle for what matters. For those with a wild streak and freedom in their heart. For those that no matter how many times they’re beat down, get back up. Wild Kiger was made for those with an Unbreakable spirit.

What does it mean to be 8 Second Strong?

From the courage it takes to swing a leg over to the determination to stay on, Rodeo Riders are Unbreakable.

No matter what challenge is trying to buck you off in life, if you have the courage to face it, if you have the determination to not give up, if you have the will to hold on for just 8 more seconds, you can be 8 Second Strong!

Giving back

Everything we have is a blessing from God, including the incredible Mustangs that inspired our brand. We donate through sponsorships and merchandise to individuals, programs, and ministries that get youth involved with horses and the Western lifestyle.

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